Our Products

Our Products

  • Dr. Urmika’s Height Increasing Homeopathic Kit.
  • Dr. Urmika’s Hair Care Homeopathic Kit.
  • Dr. Urmika’s Weight Loss Homeopathic Kit.
  • Dr. Urmika’s Psoriasis Homeopathic Kit.
  • Dr. Urmika’s Allergic Homeopathic Kit.
  • Dr. Urmika’s Bedwetting Homeopathic Kit.

1) Dr. Urmika’s Height Increasing Homeopathic Kit.

In current scenario good height is very importment factor for our personality, and good Personality is another very important factor for confidence.

Duo to some reason like Heredity, improper balance diet, lack of vitamins, lack of physical exercises, hormonal imbalance etc. may stopped increase height and child undergone inferiority complex.

Dr Urmika’s height increasing homoeopathic medicine are 100% natural medicines, which are highly effective and result oriented, no side-effect, no need any diet restriction, no need of exercise.

Height increasing Homoeopathic Medicine Kit contains 3 months medicine. You have to take once in a day.

For result see testimonial of Height in our website.

2) Dr. Urmika’s Hair Care Homeopathic Kit.

Nowadays hair problems like dandruff, dry and damaged hair, split end, hair fall, itching in scalp etc. are very common.

Lack of vitamins, improper care of hair, avoid use of hair oil, used wrong shampoo which contain hard chemicals, lack of sleep, anxiety, tention etc. are trigger points of hair problem.

Dr Urmika’s Homoeopathic Medicine for hair gives internal energy and protection to hair.

Shampoo gives external cleaness of scalp, hair and roots.

Hair oil gives external energy protection against dandruff, lice and other infection, gives strength to hair and hair roots. As a result hair becomes silky and shiny.

Hair neutralizer apply on scalp and doing gentle massage, which gives strength to hair of its root so hair becomes lengthy and dense.

Hair Neutralizer

Hair Oil

Hair Shampoo

3) Dr. Urmika’s Weight Loss Homeopathic Kit.

Obesity is burning question in all over world, Habit of fatty and junk food, heredity, some physical desease gain your body weight. People become tired and done crash dieting. Now to reduce weight is possible without doing crash dieting and extreme exercises.

Dr Urmika’s Homoeopathic weight loss medicine kit contains 1 month medicine and electrolyte balanced diet chart.

4) Dr. Urmika’s Psoriasis Homeopathic Kit.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition caused by an overactive immune system, skin covered with thick silvery scales. Skin becomes dry and cracked. Patient feel itching, burning and soreness.

Best way to cure Psoriasis as homoeopathic way is from insight to outside. Homoeopathic medicines not only treat the scaly skin but treat patient as a whole.

Psoriasis kit contains 1 month medicines, Oil for applying affected area and hair oil and shampoo for infected scalp.

5) Dr. Urmika’s Allergic Homeopathic Kit.

– Oral Homeopathic medicine boost up your immunity and resistance power.

6) Dr. Urmika’s Pain killer Oil.

Dr Urmika’s Homoeopathic pain relief oil is for external application. Patients suffer from backache, cervical spondylosis, knee joint pain, calf muscle pain, frozen shoulder pain etc. give much relief from applying gentle massage.

7) Dr. Urmika’s Acne.

Over production of sebum insebaceous gland is one of the most common cause for pimples. Furthermore, habit of junk food, fatty food, not properly clean the face etc. are causative factors for acne.

Acne is major obstacle for shining our Personality, but get rid from Acne is possible by Dr Urmika’s Homoeopathic “Get Clean and Clear Face” medicine kit.

Kit contains 1 month medicine and Acne Gel for applying affected area. In addition Gel and Medicine clear the patches and spots of Acne.

Acne Gel