We care for patient who can not visit our place, Exclusive service for them through eClinic. We provide many treatment plans and medicine for our patient. Through eclinic it will be easy to get treatment as in our place. Patient from other country, states, prefer this way.

Follow the procedure which is very simple. Fill up the form send your photographs if skin treatment is required we will give you plan of treatment. Select plan, make payment for treatment, Receive the medicine, take medicine accordingly.

The World Health Organization has cited homeopathy as a system of medicine that should be integrated worldwide with conventional medicine.


Benefits Of Homeopathic Treatment Safe and gentle; for infants, elderly, and during pregnancy


  • No side effects, non-addictive and highly effective
  • Can be used safely with conventional medicine / prescription meds
  • The remedies are all made from natural substances
  • Revitalizes the body’s natural healing power and immune system
  • Reduces susceptibility and strengthens your body’s defense against future illness
  • Safe and Non-toxic. No Side-effects.
  • Enhances Health rather than Diminishes Illness
  • Effective Even in Chronic Disease
  • Aimed at Well being rather than Simple Absence of Disease