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Allergic Disease

  • I am 35 year old i was having regular problem of sneezing and dust allergy i had consulted many MD doctors and physicians, finally i had consulted to Dr.Urmika for my allergic problem. After taking regular medicine it was like a miracle for me. My allergic problem for sneezing due to dust was almost cured. I am able to breath smooth without any problem, Thanks to Dr Urmikaben.

    – Mrs. Hansikaben

  • I am 15 years old i had Allergic from dust, smoke, cold water and ice. I was suffering from a lot of trouble. I had started costly treatments, to get cure, but day by day i got in more trouble and pain. No effective result of medicines and nebulizer was increasing. When i came to know about Dr. Urmikaben Homeopathy medicine, I had consulted her and started taking medicine. It was unbeleiveable that my nebulizer is of no use for me. No side effects in body. I was almost cured by Homeopathy medicine of Dr.Urmika.

    – Miss Dhruva

  • My daughter was suffering from smoke, dust, and cold allergy problem. Since childhood we had undergone taken many treatments for her. Injections and nebulizer was routine but no relief. But now she is cured by the Homeopathyt treatment of Dr. Urmikaben. Their medicine are really made of research and experience.

    – Dr. Ajay

  • I am 16 years old. I had complaints of difficulty in breathing if I am taking any type of sweet or drinks any type of cold drinks. Difficulty in breathing was so severe that i can not sleep or not concentrate to do any type of work since last 8 years.But Dr Urmika Thoria’s homeopathic medicine i had no complaint of breathing problem, now i am eating all types of sweets and even freely drinks cold water & cold drinks. Thanks to Dr Urmika Thoria’s treatment.

    – Mayur